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 Cameo- Oct 2012 Jazz Café London-highlight of 2012 Gig

Cameo are a funk soul band that are widely known for when they took the UK by storm back in the mid 80s with their smash hit 'Word Up' and the never forgotten blood red codpiece frontman Larry Blackmon sported in the video. He looked more like a pro athlete with his physique than a vocalist and once stated in an interview that some of  his fitness routine consisted of  ballet and horse riding.

Cameo were not an overnight success, they were making music way before 'Word Up' came along. There was  'She’s strange'  in 1984 from their tenth same titled Album that put Cameo on the UK map and did well in the US. A mysterious  R and B funk gem with lyrics that empowered women "She’s my rolling stones and my Eva Peron." Cameo have been around since the mid to late 70s and gone through various line up changes.

Bright Colourful Fun Positive and Edgy. The words Cameo seemed to scream out from under their lyrics were, "we are pro and we know what we want and what we are doing" a very potent mix, and it worked. The strongest thing about Cameo is that they are able and willing to move with the times, they were born from 1970s horn blowing funk, they remained loyal to it, but were willing to try new sounds and make Cameo more high tech.

The vibe at Jazz Café was nice and everybody was smiley, quite afew folk dancing to the pre gig songs and one classic 'Midas Touch' by Midnight Star has me swinging gently and getting in the mood, you cannot beat old school 80s soul which always carries sweet memories.

Cameo appear with some very cool and flamboyant outfits, leather PVC studs and Larry is wearing his classic red codpiece and shiny red top hat. Larry was rather reserved throughout the show. I remembered how he moved alot more back in the day but he still has that sense of authority.

The bass playing is very deep and raw, one of  Cameos trade marks is deep bass and the player darts around like an eccentric. Classics like 'Rigor Mortis'  'Candy' and 'Talkin out the side of your neck' (an attack on the Reagan Government) follow through the night.

Long time band member vocalist Tomi Jenkins thanks the crowd for their ongoing support and dedication and he comes across as very humble and sincere. Many people must thank Cameo for paving the way for them, too many to mention.

 The word is Cameo are currently working on a new album due for release early 2013

Lucy Shewchuk