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Cornelia Jazz Café Camden-London Sep 2012 

Upon arrival, the door staff are friendly and welcoming at the Jazz Cafe. The crowd were cheerful and there was a nice vibe about the place. Cornelia, who hails from Sweden is tonight supporting Quadron, a Danish duo who have received compliments from Jay-Z , Adele and Mark Ronson.

As Cornelia enters the stage the first thing about this lady that stands out is her vibrant red hair. Petite looking and decked out in black with a strong resemblance to Madonna, rather similar features. She begins the show with a “Swedish folk song ”. Cornelia, not only a performer songwriter & producer, also runs her own Label.

Cornelia is playing an instrument named an Omnichord, a very intriguing looking instrument shaped like a large whistle, a kind of guitar with no neck and no strings but buttons, she cradles it in her arms like a baby.

She multitasks here and there, playing her omnichord & mini keyboard while hitting pedals at the same time, a one woman act who comes across as independent. Bjork and Beth Orton are possibly some influences vocally and possibly Madonna too.

Cornelia comes across as modest well mannered and polite, not vulgar or brazen. She has earned her stripes co writing and co producing with Kwes and working with Portico Quartet.

The Electronica genre it seems has been dominated by men for the longest time. When the word 'electronic' is heard or read, the automatic thought is usually Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode for example. Maybe many feel that women are not quite up to the job, this is not true, it’s time to start giving women like Cornelia more credit and empowerment.

Listen to 'Stormy Weather' by Cornelia, it's swingy & dreamy.