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Death Ape Disco - Supervolcano

It's always great to come across a no nonsense let's rock out album that does not pussyfoot around but simply gives the goods. Death Ape Disco not only have an intriguing name that will have people wondering what to expect from them , they also have good old raw talent. Their debut masterpiece album Supervolcano released March of this year is an intense energy fuelled collection of rock tracks with great vocals and fast catchy guitar riffs that will potentially blow the mind of any hardcore rock/metal fan.

DAD who hail from the seaside town of Brighton UK have similarities in terms of sound stemming from Soundgarden & Stone temple Pilots combined with a heavier theme that leans toward Metallica , Slayer and Pantera and then touching base with Doors , Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. Their chosen mix that covers different areas of rock is a good move in breaking down the narrow minded attitude that can often be aimed at hard rock/metal. The idea often being that it is all about anger , negativity and a bunch of guys head banging and having issues with society in general. This album is likeable because it shows you can be aggressive but be able to put a brilliant , well constructed set of tracks together with a vocalist that can sing harmonies and not just yell and scream.

It possesses the capability of changing a music listeners preconceived ideas and having them decide that this style of music really does have something to offer if they thought it did not before and felt it was all about Slipknot and their nasty scary masks. The same band name titled track 'Death ape Disco' from the album has a wonderful guitar riff and a lyrical delivery that has authority and grit.

Grinding down the sun' is outstanding and can lift you to another dimension. The vocals could be compared to Chris Cornell.

10,000 years has a vocal intro and a feel that touches slightly on Nickelback and then morphs into a Stone Temple Pilots feel.

Eclipse expresses just what a great vocalist frontman Rob Rainford  is , strong , powerful , expressive and full of harmonies and with a very classic guitar intro that shows the guitar talent that exists in this band. This track is like a mental journey to a far place.

A well produced and well crafted debut from a band that will only get better and better with time and could possibly make their mark in the US market. It would have been really great if there had been a love ballad added as the voice talent could make a stunner but hey , maybe next time. Death Ape Disco are part of an underground scene emerging from Brighton along with other bands Sea Bastard and King Goat who Death Ape are fans of.


Track Listing

1. kingdom of others

2. suffocate

3. 10,000 years

4. Grinding down the sun

5. Eclipse

6. Death Ape Disco

7. Mars

Album Release date March 6th 2013.