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Oh to escape!


Flamingods 'Sun' Album Review

When us mere mortals are feeling low & dragged down , we often dream of doing something rebellious and daring like quit our job and go live on an island and to be cut off from the evils of the modern world, to go and live in the mountains and rejuvenate our tired and weary spirits, to hide out in forests and build a deeper connection with mother nature and the beauty of the earth and realise why we are here , but sadly the reality is that this is simply not possible what with a house to pay for , kids to put through school and all the rest of the human traps.

So what do we do ? we settle for second best , when time allows , to go camping or to a festival , or to the beach during the summer, find a distracting hobby or sport, or simply just choose to escape into some deep and enchanting  music. The debut album 'Sun' by the Flamingods is just the tonic to lift the spirit , bursting with percussion fuelled splendour , psychedelic  trippy sounds and echo vocals.

'Ho Ayam' is a 53 second very trippy and slightly creepy instrumental mix of echoes , clicking and rattling noises that reach an almighty climax.

A real throwback to say the sixties Woodstock festival with that intense tribal vibe and energy just bursting with love and peace. The mental imagery that comes from listening to this album is very strong , such as dancing around Stonehenge , in deep meditation surrounded by candles and incense or seducing a lover with the Kama Sutra.

'Quesso' is very tribal , raw percussive beats and great use of tambourine and a guitar riff that is very like the band Santana. A tune that will get you moving .

'Mountain Hut' is a sweet percussive rhythm filled instrumental piece that has been very cleverly executed with a  xylophone , maracas and various drums.

'Taishogoto'  has an intro that is rather sixties , a pretty and gentle paced piece.

'If you can walk' is heart warming , folky , echo vocals and sweet sounds , a food for the hurt soul tune.

An Album filled with sounds from many cultures  , primal , retro and perfect for stress relief . kick off  your shoes , light some candles , pour some wine and have a listen.

Flamingods are a London based five piece multi Instrumental band that uses percussive instruments that have been collected from various parts of the world. They started  out in Bahrain , a small island close to the Persian Gulf, where four of the members met , moving to London and meeting their fifth member , Flamingods were born. They have built themselves a loyal following with their tribal percussive sound that brings people together.

'Sun' was released in Jan 2013 on Art is Hard Records.

Track List

Ho Ayam


Kinich Ahau



Mountain Hut

Yama Yama / Jam Sandwich



If You Can Walk


Xipe Totec

Oh Maya