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Gentlemans Dub Club 'FOURtyFOUR' Album Review Oct 2013.

A big up for Roots Roots Roots !! 

Bless those of today who stand by their roots and what they have always loved.

In a climate that is often very shallow and superficial that being the Music Industry , often the music itself being overshadowed by such things as how well have the dance moves been choreographed , has the singer put on weight , the more important things like musical roots can sadly be excluded.

Though this may sound cynical , there are however musicians that will stick by their roots , what they were raised listening to , and the music that influenced their family , and work hard to bring about a retro revival that has been lost in the haze and to hopefully return to the mainstream , instead of abandoning and taking the easy way out.

Nine piece Reggae/ska  roots band 'Gentlemans Dub Club' hold a very strong retro vibe with their feel good , energetic and hip sound. Their mix of sunny ,  relaxing , happy  times reggae dub contrasts nicely with their slightly aggressive ska like a potent mix of say Madness & The Specials.

'London Sunshine'  is excellent , with an immaculate horn section , gentle and romantic.

'Forward'  is dark and macabre and laced with electronica keyboards that are wonderful with the  haunting sound of sirens , very cleverly put together sending out a powerful message "don't look back look forward , if there's something in your way just ignore it ".

GDC are a smart looking bunch , the word 'gentlemen' being a very fitting way to describe them. Starting out in 2006 in Leeds , they have paid their dues with gigging and playing festivals across the UK and supporting Finley Quaye, Jerry Dammers from The Specials , Madness & The Wailers.

'Play This' is very chill out , gently sung lyrics against a relaxing rhythm and horn section.

This band have nailed classic retro with modern perfectly on this album at just the right balance. A gem for all reggae and ska die hard fans.

'Ghost Town' was The Specials hit song that reflected disgust at Britain coming apart at the seams back in the early to mid 80s. Jerry Dammers from The Specials at the time was shocked to see little old ladies in Glasgow selling their household possessions on the streets. As we all know , Britain is in big trouble again , Bedroom tax , benefit cuts , etc. Perhaps Gentlemans Dub Club should come up with something similar to express their outrage , wish somebody would !

Their new album 'FOURtyFOUR' is out now on Ranking Records