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" Different angles of real , everyday life "

Gifted Kings - Dead End Road video Review Feb 2013.

When it comes to music videos tastes can vary. Some like to view the musicians/vocalist simply delivering the music , some like to see a view that is full of fun , giggles and general mayhem , some like to see a bunch of beautiful people in smart designer gear,  the list goes on. Then we have the genre that shows different angles of real everyday life with a twist of melancholy. The video to accompany the single 'Dead End Road' by the Gifted Kings offers a view of everyday life in Glasgow Scotland. Set in black and white giving it a retro sixties touch are various shots of people driving on the motorway , of street posters , various shops , dogs out strolling , pigeons taking flight and the band members themselves looking rather shy and slightly distant.

The weather is grey and the roads puddle ridden with slight hints of sunshine here and there trying to break through , offering the viewer a glimpse at people going about their daily lives but not one person is offering a glimpse of a smile. One strong point of the video is an attractive young girl who it would appear is dreaming of a better life.  She sits in a cafe looking into her coffee seeming rather unhappy and alone. You wonder does she have problems with love , does she have no good friends , you want to be her friend and find out more about her. As she is filmed out walking  you wonder , where is she going ?.

Moving and gritty stuff full of mystery , showing life without sugar coating it but also offering  a view that ones roots might be tough and lonely , but you will stay loyal to them in the hope that things will get better.The song is slightly Oasis & folk like with a powerful guitar riff and a passionate vocal.

'Dead End Road' is from the bands fourth album released April 2013.