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Tate Modern London third night 8/02/13

They are here! The Electronic poineers who have influenced many musically. Bands such as Ultravox Depeche Mode Visage Gary Numan OMD The Human League New Order and many more have been bitten by the Kraftwerk bug. They even influenced Black American dance music. American Hip Hop DJ/producer Afrika Bambaataa took the keyboard hook from 'Trans Europe Express' and used it on his early 80s single 'Planet Rock'

It is an honour to be in the presence of such a historical legendary group who have touched the lives of so many people across the globe.

The intense loyalty for Kraftwerk is amazing, and one reason being they are the masters who taught masters and their incredible longevity spanning back to the early 70s. They are also loved for their sense of innocence in their music, creating music from their passions cycling, driving a car playing around with a calculator and a computer and being in awe of the sounds and creating their own unique representation.

There is one original member here tonight as part of the four piece, Ralf Hutter, but that has not stopped the one week UK dates at Tate being a sell out on the first day tickets went on sale.

The show begins with 'Trans Europe Express' a slightly dark and mysterious track with a backdrop of trains and railway tracks, it empowers transportation and a love of travel.

'Autobahn' the 1974 classic is warmly welcomed with a backdrop of cars on the motorway, this track expresses the love and fun of driving , admiring the views and scenery around you as you drive. It brings a sense of comfort, a lovely melody.

Kraftwerk are very good at visual stimulation , taking your imagination to a higher place yet it is done simply with four men standing very still in front of a moving backdrop, simple but effective.

'The Model'  'Man Machine' 'Numbers'  'Showroom Dummies' 'Tour De France' all make an appearance so everybody gets a fix of their favourite Kraftwerk piece of music and style.

There were people dancing rather like they were at a Rave and a fair bit of yelling, not quite what some might anticipate at a Kraftwerk show.

The night ends with 'Music Non Stop' a gentle yet effective track. Each member departs individually each giving a bow, Ralf being the last, " Thank you-Auf Wiedersehen" and touches his heart.

A wonderful night of musical perfection.