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Single Review - The Oceans Above - I'm Gone

It's a given that we appreciate music that consists of musicians that can play well , have a fresh sounding edge , and a singer that can sing with passion & sincerity , but when it's laced with a slight innocence ,  this can really make it intriguing and stand out from the crowd. The root of the innocence is often hard to define and not easy to pin down. It could be the singers vocal , or a guitar riff , but it is something you instinctively pick up on. It has an essence of youth and enthusiasm for what one does and has a tendency to lift the spirit.

The latest single 'I'm Gone' from 4 piece band The Oceans Above has just the right balance for a new single that will get them some attention. The track has a slight American alternative Indie rock appeal that is similar to say US band Jimmy Eat World mixed with gritty passion. The tracks intro is memorable and quite an intense riff that morphs into a nice easy rhythm. There are perfect examples of guitar talent. The single is accompanied by their first official music video.

Nicely sung passionate harmonies with catchy and raw guitar riffs, this is definitely an act to watch. Having made a big impact after just one show, they have been asked by various bands including Attention Thieves & Rat Attack to be their support act. Hailing from Milton Keynes/ Coventry, The Oceans Above are building a loyal fan following and are working hard gigging across the globe. They have just announced they will be supporting 'Canterbury' at The Kasbah Club in Coventry on Dec 14th and Dec 19th at Craufurd Arms In Wolverton Milton Keynes supporting Attention Thieves, Max Raptor & We Are Fiction.

I'm Gone is out now! Dec 2013.

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